2 Simple Ways to Create Custom List in SharePoint 2013

By | July 15, 2015

What is a Custom List?

A Custom List is a collection of different type of columns and information pieces which are collaborated together and is developed with some unique set of properties which provides user to access form features.

Key Features of a Custom List

  • Ease to use
  • You can Share information and data with other users.
  • You can set rich standard interface
  • Can easily add binary data
  • Accommodates workflows
  • List items can be linked/synced with outlook to specific users and become a task
  • Relative links can be linked/synced to other lists in SharePoint without to refresh formulas.
  • Lists can contain links (URLs) to other SharePoint pages that contain information, documents or emails related to the project.
  • Everyone on the team can access, change and update this list whenever and from wherever, even from mobile also.
  • No compatibility issues.

Approaches to Create Custom List

Custom list can be created with following approaches:

  1. Using SharePoint OOTB UI feature
  2. Using SharePoint Designer

1. Create Custom List using SharePoint OOTB UI feature:

Follow the steps:

  1. Login with SharePoint site.
  2. Navigate to Site and Click on “Settings” option and then click on “site contents” option.SharePoint 2013 Site Settings
  3. Then click on “add an app” option.Add an app - SharePoint 2013
  4. Select “Custom list” option from the “your app” page. It will be popup for open create custom list.Create Custom List in SharePoint 2013
  5. Give the proper name as “EmployeeList” and click on Create button.Adding Custom List in SharePoint 2013
  6. These steps will create custom list in SharePoint site, now you can add multiple columns with different data type in this list.Newly Created Custom List
  7. Now open create custom list and go through list setting and click on “Create column” option and create multiple column with different data type as per need.Create Column - Custom List

2. Create Custom List using SharePoint Designer:

  1. Open SharePoint Designer and move to top navigate and select “SharePoint List” option and then select the Custom List.Custom List using SharePoint Designer
  2. Moving forward add a decent name and description for the listSharePoint Designer Custom List
  3. Finally click OK once done.

Hopefully this step by step approach will help SharePoint developer to understand in details the possible ways to create a Custom List in SharePoint 2013 using OOTB UI features and SharePoint Designer.

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