How to Create a Task List in SharePoint 2013?

Task List in SharePoint 2013 Tasks lists in SharePoint are used for capturing actions, to-dos, and deadlines. Whenever multiple people are working together to deliver on time a joint project or initiative you need some way of effectively communicating what everyone is supposed to do. You also track what everyone has (or has not) done […]

3 steps to create a Workflow using SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer Workflow Workflows are now important part of any project. We can develop a Microsoft SharePoint Workflow using the available templates, SharePoint designer and Visual Studio. In this article will mainly focus on workflow creation using Microsoft SharePoint Designer. Advantages: Basic workflow can be implemented by trained users. Relatively quick to implement for low […]

Creating Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Discussion Board in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board is used for communication among team members. The discussion board shows the most recent discussion first on top, as well as the number of replies for each discussion. User can quickly see which discussions have the most recent activity and which ones are the most popular discussion. […]

2 Simple Ways to Create Custom List in SharePoint 2013

What is a Custom List? A Custom List is a collection of different type of columns and information pieces which are collaborated together and is developed with some unique set of properties which provides user to access form features. Key Features of a Custom List Ease to use You can Share information and data with […]

What’s New in SharePoint 2013 for Administrator

This SharePoint for dummies tutorial is part-3 in series of “What’s New in SharePoint 2013“. This post is focused on new and updated features for administrators in SharePoint 2013. In previous parts we discussed new features targeting End Users as well as Developers that you can find here: New Features in SharePoint 2013 for End Users New Features in SharePoint […]

3 simple steps to create SharePoint 2013 Site Collection

SharePoint Site Collection It’s a collection of SharePoint sites sharing common features like Content types, Templates, Site columns, permissions, Web Parts etc. In order to understand How SharePoint collection fits to a business scenario? Consider a company (ABC Consulting & Services) having multiple departments (Accounts, Finance, Support, Sales,etc.),  all using SharePoint for different purposes like Team Collaboration, Document sharing, Business Intelligence […]

What’s New in SharePoint 2013 for Developers

SharePoint 2013 introduced many interesting features for developers including new development tools as well as enhancements, platform level enhancements, Cloud App Model and off course mobile apps etc. As a developer, one must always be interested especially in new development tools that simplify things, reduces effort and enhances productivity. Previously, we discussed about new and exciting […]